What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 12, 2011


I am just like alittle kid when it comes to "patience" - I want the weather to be nice and I want to get out in the gardens to see what is growing (well really I NEED to get things cleaned up in the gardens.  It is a job as we have the house and the store and we are getting older by the minute)!! 
Yesterday the weather was so perfect but I am "under the weather" with a stupid cold and not up to exerting myself...I did take these pics of what was peeking thru the messy gardens at home...besides all the mints and lemon balm here is -
SOME GOLDEN SAGE - (and weeds)
CHIVES - (and weeds)
 and a favorite SWEET WOODRUFF...
.Have you ever dried Sweet Woodruff???  It is the sweetest scent and I love to fill sachets or muslin sacks with the dried leaves.  It has NO scent while fresh - that I can detect - but dried it is wonderful!   AND, it grows (and prefers) shade....it is a great ground cover.  We will have plants for sale at our Herb Faire!!!


  1. I also love the scent of sweet woodruff and i am so looking forward to seeing and smelling all of the herbs in my garden .....I know why patience is a virtue : )

  2. When is your herb faire ?