What's popping up in your gardens!!!

August 3, 2010


I read today on Lemon Verbena Lady's blog about the butterflies that are visiting her gardens. Back in early Summer I purchased a hanging pot of purple petunias and hung them on the North side of our home. They were suppose to have full sun, but like Les says, I never read the directions. They are doing just great. I dead head them a couple times a week and water them every other day if we don't get rain. But, lately (last week or so) they are covered in butterflies. Now, I don't know my butterflies, but that doesn't matter I just enjoy watching them from the screened porch and so do the cats. Enjoy your day ladies.


  1. Obviously the winter we had didn't deter the butterflies! Thank goodness!

  2. I am seeing lots of butterflies too - and they are BIG - and sort of friendly (or disoriented) cause they fly right up to me..gives me the chills...(the good kind)!!!