What's popping up in your gardens!!!

February 17, 2010


Kim from Petals and Porch Posts......I am hoping everyone will welcome her and I promise if we start posting here again (with all our springthyme thoughts) it will come....SPRING that is...

Welcome Kim,
Glad you have joined us....so tell us about Petals and Porch Posts....sounds like a fun store to me. Judy


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome Judy! Not sure how all this works but I'm sure someone will help me figure it out! Petals & Porch Posts is combination full service flower shop/gift shop/primitive antique/cottage decor shop located in Central Illinois. It was started 8 1/2 years ago by 4 of us and now there is only 1 of us left... long story. When I figure out how to post I'll tell you the rest of the story....

  2. Hi Kim, Welcome you will enjoy our group blog, it looks like to me you are doing okay in the posting dept.